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When you register with Manpower, we can offer you many critical tools that are important to securing that next job. For example, we provide guidance for creating a resume and tips on interviewing with a prospective employer at no cost to our applicants and associates.


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Resume and Interview Tips

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Think of your resume as the golden ticket that lets you join the job race. The interview? That's your chance to shine, to show a potential employer why you're the perfect match for their team. These aren't just pieces of paper or moments in conversation – they're your tools to make an employer sit up and take notice. Trust us, putting in effort is worth your time.

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Free Training

Invest in your career with over 5,000 hours of FREE e-learning resources with Manpower’s powerYOU training courses. From skilled trades to healthcare to advanced programming, we've got your learning needs covered. Your dream job is within reach – register today!

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS)

For over 45 years, Manpower Employment Outlook Survey has been a trusted global survey of employment activity. MEOS is independent, comprehensive, and provides accurate hiring trend predictions. Benefit from insights into regional trends and industry sectors, setting you ahead in the job market.